Hybrid Enterprise Europe Network Matchmaking at Biarritz Good Fashion 2022

20 October 2022 – 21 October 2022 BIDART/Virtual, France

The match-making event brings together companies, R&D centres and academies in the field of textiles and fashion, actions sports and the swimwear industry. It is a unique opportunity to generate new business, technology and research and innovation contacts and contracts.

The lifestyle industry, especially the textiles and fashion sectors are undergoing a deep reconsideration of the principles that have been guiding them so far. In France alone, the fashion industry represents 150 billion euros of turnover each year. But fast fashion, social dumping, environmental impact, the energy crisis … overshadow these industries which need to make changes and take up new challenges. So sign up to the Biarritz GOOD FASHION international brokerage event and reach out for new business, technology, and research partners for novel projects in the field of innovative and sustainable textiles and fashion.

This event is organized within the framework of the annual Biarritz Good Fashion day on 20 October 2022 which will address the issues of circular, agile and transparent fashion; as well as the technical and economic limits of textile recycling.

The hybrid Enterprise Europe Network Textiles international brokerage event will take place on the 20 and 21 October for all types of stakeholders (SMEs, MNEs, universities, research centers, etc.) in the field of textiles and fashion including all textile domains, from wearables to industrial textiles. Due to the event’s geographical situation in France and the EuroSIMA cluster, a particular focus is put on the actions sports and swimwear industry.

A large number of European countries will gather during these two days. Make the most of this unique opportunity to generate new business, technology, research and innovation contacts

As the event is hybrid, meetings will take place either on the spot in a dedicated area or virtually. This platform allows you to choose between the two options.

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